Health Administrative System

Energy Index Advisor (EIA)
*accurately decodes signals from your body's organs in 3 minutes 

The EIA is a supplementary, non-invasive measuring instrument that can determine the current state of one's health. It reads the body's 12 Meridians and their physical symptoms in order to analyse one's metabolism levels and body systems (namely the Endocrine, Musculoskeletal and Autonomic Nervous systems). The instrument provides a comprehensive health analysis with the readings.


Key features:

  • Possesses the ability to provide one's full body measurements and diagnostic data ready within 3 minutes with intelligent data management software.

  • Measures and analyses the overall condition of the body systems and organs such as energy levels, mental state, autonomic nervous system, metabolic rate, musculoskeletal balance from the 12 meridian channels.

  • Its smart feature translates this data into recommended products and treatment programmes.


Key features:

  • Improves and balances nerve impulse transmissions along the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.

  • Helps combat insomnia.

  • Reduces mental and physical tension.

  • Improves the Immune System by enhancing self-recovery ability and preventing the development of abnormal cells.

  • Strengthens organs and viscera.

  • Soothes the flow of meridians by enhancing blood and 'qi' circulation.

  • Accelerates the body’s metabolism.

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Meridian Electron Energy Device (MEED)

The MEED is a device that can re-energize a body's 60 trillion cells with a single function.


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