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Health Supplements

ASTA-150 and AFA-750 is formulated exclusively for our Wellness Spa And Massage services


Why Organic Soy has been used as ASTA and AFA Product Base?

World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that:-

- Soy is a complete protein providing all essential amino acids our body needs.

- Soy protein is comparable to animal protein from meat and milk.

Our soy base is from organic whole soybean that has its shell and embryo removed and is therefore Gout friendly.

ASTA-150 is an antioxidant rich drink whilst AFA-750 is anti-inflammatory. This perfect combination provides the best anti-Aging nutrients and important dietary supplement for our body cells.

Our body needs protein to build, maintain and repair every tissue cell in our bodies. Our blood, skin, hair, nerves, bones, teeth, muscles, glands, heart, liver, are all made from proteins. Plant-based complete protein sources are a critically important food for the future.

Nature's Most Powerful Antioxidant
Cell Repair Nutrition


ASTA-150 is a nutritional supplement targeted at Cell Repair. Made from Organic whole soybeans, Green Tea EGCG, Probiotic BB536, Tomato Lycopene, and nature's most powerful antioxidant Natural Astaxanthin from AstaReal®.


AFA-750 is an Organ Health Nutrition drink. It boosts immunity, helps with the impaired Central Nervous System, and detoxifies the body. Made from Organic soybeans, Digestive resistant dextrin, and the Blue-Green algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae).


Unique Product Features: 

- Super Antioxidant

- Anti-inflammatory

- Mitochondria (Human body power generator)

- Cells and Tissues Repair

- Reduces DNA Damage

ASTA-150 formulated with AstaReal® natural Astaxanthin has exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It supports Mitochondrial (power generator of our cells) health with cell repair and reduces further DNA damage.


Health Benefits of AstaReal® natural Astaxanthin:

Powerful Antioxidant:

-Nature's best free radical scavengers, having 6000x the singlet oxygen quenching capacity of Vitamin C

Immunity Booster:

-Exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help support our body's immune function.

Skin health:

-Reduces visible signs of skin aging by keeping the skin hydrated, elastic, and smooth.


Eye Health:

-Promotes dynamic focus by helping ciliary muscle work better and recover faster from eye strain and fatigue.