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About Us

Our Mission

Harnessing the gift of Mother Nature to enhance your health and well-being. Through our innovative holistic wellness programmes, we bring you the best with our proprietary East and West-based knowledge and professional skills.

Our Story

Terre Bleue is a wellness and healing spa with over 10 years of presence in the Beauty and Health Industry in Southeast Asia. With 18 outlets operating across Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand, the brand welcomes its first-ever Singapore outlet at Great World.


In a pledge to provide high-quality products and professional services, Terre Bleue has collaborated with the Australian company, Joy’s International Cosmetics Pte Ltd, a company that uses pure essential oils and natural raw materials to deliver innovative cosmetic products such as blends, serums and essences in its purest natural form to our customers. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary East and West-based Spa knowledge, we aim to achieve an effective re-balancing nourishment for your delicate skin, without harmful effects such as chemical sedimentation.


As society grows rapidly, we often seek for quick solutions to illnesses -- be it physical or mental. As a result, we have become highly dependent on commercial drugs and chemicals to cure ourselves swiftly. However, the frequent usage of such medications may lead to the deterioration of our health in the long-term. Terre Bleue wishes to bring change to this unhealthy reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and provide more natural solutions to your health ailments.


Terre Bleue Singapore About Us
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Hear from our owner!

Sally Chin
owner of Terre Bleue

Change starts

with awareness.

I cannot stress this enough: Singaporeans, the old and the young, often forget how important it is to take care of our well-being. For those who seek to improve their well-being through natural remedies, I highly recommend essential oils. They have been scientifically proven to be able to lift our moods, improve cell regeneration and so much more.

At Terre Bleue, people can visit our spa every once or twice a week for massage treatments. We use patented, safe devices and essential oils to carry out deep energy current massages that can help your body return to its healthy state. Our treatments can help get rid of excess lactic acids and toxins accumulated in the body, improve blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage and boost your immune system; and all these are done holistically and naturally. Once your body has recovered, your mind and soul will also follow after and you will definitely feel a lot happier and stress-free!

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