Yoga Practice

Decode your body signals

Discover the wonders of Meridians

More than a spa, we provide quality treatment for your body's needs using State-Of-The-Art equipment.


Step 1: Analyse & Decode
Your Body's Signals

Our Energy Index Advisor (EIA) machine will accurately decode
from your body's organs in 3 minutes via your meridian channels.


Step 2: Your personalised
massage cream

Using your results from the EIA machine, we will concoct a massage cream infused with Terre Bleue's House Blends targeting your body's needs.


Step 3: Body Treatment
Targeted To Your Needs

Using our Meridian Electron Energy Device (MEED); a device that can re-energize a body's 60 trillion cells with a single function, our trained therapist will perform the treatment.

Our Story

Terre Bleue is a wellness and healing spa with over 10 years of presence in the Beauty and Health Industry in Southeast Asia. With 18 outlets operating across Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand, the brand welcomes its first-ever Singapore outlet at Great World.


Here at Terre Bleue, we use cutting-edge technology as well as proprietary East and West-based wellness spa knowledge to provide a holistic treatment programme catered to your body’s needs.


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